KwikPay Credit Application As Easy as A- B- C! Applying For An Online Loan For The First Time.

1. Applying for a short-term loan for the first time, with KwikPay Credit is straightforward. If you are applying through our Web or Mobile App platforms, we try to inform you right away if you’ve been successful

2. Sometimes, we may need a little more time and information from you to allow us to make a decision and will ask you to send it to us through our email request.

3. It is important to look out for our email in your inbox(or sometimes it may have dropped in your Spam/Junk box) and respond immediately.

4. A delay in decision-making on your loan request is mostly due to the information expected from you. We need your assistance by responding to our email on time, for KwikPay Credit to make an informed decision on your loan application.

Check our blog post, for some of the major reasons loan services like KwikPay Credit will reject your loan application.

5. Once your loan application has been approved and the necessary repayment process has been completed, we’ll use Faster Payments to send the money directly to your bank account – normally within minutes

6. Please note that loans are subject to status. It is important that you only apply for a loan if you have the income for repayment. Applying and getting a loan without the income or ability to repay will affect your credit history thereby preventing you from having access to better financial services in the future.

7. It is worth noting that despite online loans being very helpful in some situations, they still have downsides and risks attached, even more so if you already have delinquent and nonperforming loans with other lenders. Always ensure that you clear such outstandings, for you to have a good chance of securing a loan from KwikPay Credit.

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