About Kwikpay
A helping hand, in case of financial emergency

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes that means you need a little financial assistance in an emergency, before income or salary is received. That’s why we’ve developed this flexible Credit Product, so you can take care of any emergency financial need and enjoy life’s little surprises without worrying.

You can easily arrange funds by applying with us at Trafalgar Associates Limited, the owners of Credit services. There is no worry how you are going to secure the cash credit. All we require is that you have a steady employment in any of our approved Organisations and the rest is simple.

By filling out our Forms, you are much closer to receiving the money you need. We are happy to deposit your cash credit straight into your Bank Account or we can issue a Prepaid Card which can be used in any ATM or stores locally or internationally.

Our credit amount to Customers is based on their monthly income and repayment capability.

Helping Hands

Credit facility helps people to take care of any emergency financial needs but in addition and more importantly, our Organization through various corporate social responsibility projects help to up lift and empower our community. Trafalgar (the owners of Credit Services) aims to help to lift our community from poverty to enterprise.

Over the years, Credit Services (a part of Trafalgar) takes pride in supporting Life Changers Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organization in the support of people in the community in Education, Vocation & Enterprise (EVE):

  • To assist indigent students complete tertiary Education;
  • To support people in the acquisition of a self-sustaining Vocational Skills;
  • To support people in the setup of sustainable Micro business Enterprise

We have also supported several sport-related sponsorships in the interest of raising money for charities and wellbeing of people in our Community. Examples include, Charity Football Tournaments, donation for the Life Changer’s Step Challenge to raise funds for the Foundation’s activities and the Annual Walkathon, by co-sponsoring the kit for the charity walk, to commemorate the International Day for Poverty Eradication, by raising awareness about the realities of poverty in the society and also raise funds to assist those in our community, who need a second chance.

Financial Inclusion

The Organization through its Multipurpose Cooperative supports the grassroots Market Men and Women within Lagos Island and beyond, by supporting their entrepreneurial appetite, and raising members’ standing in eyes of family and friends. The Kwik-Kwik Contribution by members who are mostly market people is aimed at empowering market people in order to be financially independent and to develop savings culture to financial freedom. With this product, we are able to provide some level of financial services to the unbanked in our Community.

Credit through its special loan product, KwikKwik Loan provides Short and unsecured Loans for market men and women, Artisans, Association members in Lagos, Nigeria. This unique loan product for financial inclusion is tailored to meet the local needs. It is particularly suitable for Local Market Men and Women. The Minimum Loan amount is N50, 000 has continued to assist our local market community to grow their business.